‘Proud Partnerships, Build Strong Communities”…I can feel your collective eye rolls now! This sentence is typically reserved and normally heard during an election campaign…seen on a boardroom motivational poster…or part of some hyped up “Buzz Speech” given by some CEO on a corporate retreat! However, when you really think about it…this statement is, or should […]

Project Power Play encourages the growing popularity of hockey in the tri-state area by providing safe areas to play games under the supervision of established organizations. Deks are located in: Banksville Park ­– Banksville, Lewis Park – Hazelwood, Richland Community Park – Richland Township, Riverside Park – Oakmont, Brookline Memorial Park – Brookline, Hosanna House/Sherwood

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The Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club have committed to build 20 SENS RINKS giving children and families access to year-round activities including hockey, skating, ball hockey, basketball, lacrosse in addition to community activities of all kinds. These outdoor recreational facilities will provide easily accessible recreation and sport opportunities for communities within

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Flashback…July 1985….2 Major events occur….Marty McFly immortalizes a time travelling Delorian & Riley Manufacturing designs and patents a revolutionary new magnetic baseball base system. ​ Fast forward 30 years later, while we all can recall our favorite part of the original trilogy (Hello…Hoverboards…like duh?!) ….we never anticipated that the Riley MagBase would become the industry standard

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Well to be more accurate…Vancouver! Although the movie is being shot under the production title of “Love Machine”, those in the know will quickly realize that this misnomer is only to throw off ‘Fanboys’ as to its real title…”DEADPOOL 2″. Starring everyone’s favorite “Merc with a Mouth” and smart-ass Canadian Ryan Reynolds. That’s right! Last

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