Hockey Enthusiast Heaven!

Everyone has their own use for that bottom floor of the house. Whether it is a Family Room, Home Office, Man Cave, Craft Corner or just the creepy unfinished area you store all the stuff you haven’t used for the past 5 years. Lets not forget that treadmill and home gym you thought was a good idea a few New Years resolution’s ago!

Have you ever seen that video of Sidney Crosby as a kid, in the basement of his Cole Harbor home? There he is lighting up his mothers washer and dryer like its game 7 of the Stanley Cup final! Well there is a growing trend that takes the family basement to a whole new level. Especially for the hockey enthusiast! No longer will you have to worry about damaged walls, or shell shocked appliances, because personal shooting pads with synthetic ice surfaces are now a common thing!

You might have seen in our previous blog post, that Sid the Kid himself has upgraded from the washer and dryer to his own personally customized shooting pad, built by Riley!

This isn’t only reserved for the rich and famous….You too can have your own basement rink, shooting pad or mini stick arena! It is very economical, and practical way to use that unused space to help your hockey kid become the next great one! (or at the very least save your appliances and fragile boxed knick knacks!)

Here is a few photos from our most recent basement rink. Built in Kleinburg, Ontario!

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