Riley Goes Hollywood!!

Well to be more accurate…Vancouver!

Although the movie is being shot under the production title of “Love Machine”, those in the know will quickly realize that this misnomer is only to throw off ‘Fanboys’ as to its real title…”DEADPOOL 2″. Starring everyone’s favorite “Merc with a Mouth” and smart-ass Canadian Ryan Reynolds.

That’s right! Last week, Riley supplied the production company with a set of professional hockey goal frames, in what we hope will be part of some sort of huge epic battle scene, in the upcoming film! If you remember the first film, where Mr. Pool chased a bad guy, albeit slowly, to his death with a Zamboni!

Be sure to check out the movie, slated for release sometime in March 2018, and make sure you keep a keen eye out for what Deadpool has planned for our Hockey Nets!


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