Singapore….. Here We Come!!

Today we are preparing to ship our next custom build Dasher Board System! What makes this particular system more interesting is, these boards are travelling over 15,000 kms to get to its final destination.  Farther than any system we have built before, and will be part of a massive, over a HALF MILLION Square Foot sports, entertainment & community complex!

Singapore’s first integrated community hub, in Tampines, will have a performing arts theater and sports and recreation facilities including a 5,000-seat stadium with a Fifa- approved football pitch.
The Tampines Hub began opening in stages in November 2016. The 5.3 hectare project, which is the size of about seven football fields, sits on the site of the former Tampines Stadium and Sports Hall. The People’s Association-led project will offer residents a range of services and facilities under one roof, such as a five-story regional library, community club programs and more than 100 shops.
By November, residents can expect a one-stop public service center to access government agency services, an 800-seat hawker center and a Home Team NS Club with sports programs at the hub.
It will also house a communal kitchen by November for seniors to socialise while preparing, cooking and having meals together.
The initiative by the Community Chest, the fund-raising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service, aims to strengthen bonds between older people living alone, and help them share their skills and knowledge.

“It’s a good idea to have a hub which centralizes so many services so that we don’t need to run all over the place”.

MADAM PAULINE NG, 50, an engineer who has lived in Tampines for more than 20 years. She is looking forward to using the sports facilities and and the library.

From January 2017, the gym, karaoke and bowling facilities will be ready. And by August next year, amenities such as the swimming complex, performance arts theater and library will open.

​All of us at Riley are thrilled to be small part of this community project and amazed by the design and co-operation of every body involved!!

​Karaoke @ The Tampines Hub has now been added to my Bucket List!

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