Proud Partnerships, Build Strong Communities

‘Proud Partnerships, Build Strong Communities”…I can feel your collective eye rolls now! This sentence is typically reserved and normally heard during an election campaign…seen on a boardroom motivational poster…or part of some hyped up “Buzz Speech” given by some CEO on a corporate retreat!

However, when you really think about it…this statement is, or should be the cornerstone of everything we as a society should strive to accomplish everyday. Whatever happened to the age old saying that starts with…. “It Takes a village….”.  We have all been guilty of shopping at big box stores for their convenience and lower prices over a local farmers market or small independent bodega. Why is this now the norm? Well that is a discussion for another time and platform.

Instead I would like to highlight some of the proud partnerships, we at Riley; have developed and grown with over the years.

  • Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation – Project Powerplay (20 Rinks)
  • The Ottawa Senators Foundation – RINC Project (12 Rinks)
  • Washington Capitals – Caps Care (12 Rinks)

Each one of these organizations have committed to building Rinks to grow the sport of hockey, increase physical fitness among youth and give kids opportunities that they may not have ever had. Riley has been a partner on many of these projects over the years and are looking forward to building more community facilities going forward with these great organizations.

For More Info on these great foundations and how the give back, click on the links below.

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