We are a family-owned and operated business based in Woodstock, Ontario.

It is our mission to provide superior sports equipment products and services to our customers.

Our focus is for the Riley name to be synonymous with:



Revolutionizing Safety in Hockey

In 1984, trading as Riley-Meggs Industries, we revolutionized safety in hockey with our invention of Megg-Nets.  This was the first system to allow the hockey goal to dislodge on impact.

At the same time, we introduced Cush-Net.  This redesigned hockey goal replaced the deflector plate with cushions, making it a much safer way to keep the puck from rebounding out of the goal.

Both of these innovative products were made mandatory in all NHL facilities and subsequently community arenas.

In our continuous efforts to improve our products and enhance safety for players, we designed and developed FlushMount™ shielding and FlexPost™.

FlushMount™ was created to help alleviate injuries by removing the cap rail/ledge. The system was installed in the training facility of the 2014 Stanley Cup Champions, the LA Kings for NHL operations to observe and provide feedback from the players, coaches and officials.

FlexPost™ is a revolutionary concept in glass and acrylic shielding supports. When a player hits the glass, the support allows the glass to move away from the impact zone, therefore reducing the threat of  injury to the body.

30+ Years of Expertise

With more than 30 years as a major subcontractor to companies building dasher board systems, steel ice dams and arena components, we utilized our expertise and started designing, manufacturing and installing our own brand of dasher boards.

We welcome the opportunity to work with:

  • Architects in the design phase of arena projects
  • General Contractors on publicly bid projects
  • Privately run facilities

With hundreds of rinks manufactured and installed across Canada, USA and the UK – Riley Sports is the #1 choice to provide the best quality and service.

Going Beyond Hockey

Riley Sports is also a proud manufacturer and supplier of products to baseball, lacrosse and broomball.

Shortly after our introduction of Megg-Nets and Cush-Net, we revolutionized the game of baseball and softball with our invention of the Mag Base, safety base system. This magnetic baseball system has been approved by the NCAA, ABBA, Little League and is used world-wide.

Our box lacrosse frames are CLA approved, and we manufacture broomball frames for both US regulation, as well as Canada/International standards.

In addition to our manufactured products, we distribute a range of products for teams and arenas including ProWall®, White Ice, Edgewood, and a number of other sport products.