Record Demands for Magnetic Baseball Bases (& Hoverboards)

Flashback…July 1985….2 Major events occur….Marty McFly immortalizes a time travelling Delorian & Riley Manufacturing designs and patents a revolutionary new magnetic baseball base system.

Fast forward 30 years later, while we all can recall our favorite part of the original trilogy (Hello…Hoverboards…like duh?!) ….we never anticipated that the Riley MagBase would become the industry standard it is today. Often imitated the Riley MagBase is the original Magnetic Breakaway Safe Base System!

Surprisingly enough there are still many organizations and leagues that still use the traditional “spike in the ground” bases, instead of the safer magnetic base systems available out there. Well, its 2017….30 years later, we have experienced the largest spike in demand for the Riley Magbase ever. (I wonder if Marty & Doc would have predicted this ?) 

If you are a part of a Baseball organization, association, parent group, or even beer league and you are still using old bases that are due for an upgrade for next season….then get your baseball diamond on track and back to the future of baseball safety.

Call Riley…..The Original, the best!

(BTW….We are still working on those hoverboard designs)

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