The New Industry Standard…The Piranha Peg!

Have you ever heard of the saying, “If its not broke, then why fix it?” Well this is a phrase that is often heard amongst many the old school hockey traditionalist. It is also an unfortunate way to treat our ever growing and changing sport.

Over the years the sport we love has gone through many changes, but most are so subtle you would be hard pressed to even notice, unless someone told you. Like, did you know that in 2013 the NHL changed the standard goal frame depth to a shallower 40″ from the previous 44″? Maybe the better question would be…did you even know there was multiple depth sizes to hockey nets?…Exactly…I thought so. Small changes like this seemingly happen almost yearly. However the one thing that always gets ignored is the pegs that keep the nets in place.

The current peg being used has been the standard for almost as long as there have been nets that can dislodge. (Yes… before that the nets were fixed into the ice…Ouch.)

This standard, zinc coated peg has been around for over 30 years.  I’ve been in some arenas, that I swear, still have the original first edition peg. Even though professional hockey teams have invested a lot of money in and moved on to a more advanced,  peg system (Marsh Pegs), almost every other rink still uses these rusty little posts!

So let me get this strait, we are using the same peg system that was used back when the first Star Wars hit theaters, and nobody has thought of anything better since?!

Well now, Riley is proud to announce that we have partnered up with the boys at Piranha Peg…40+ years & 9 Star Wars films later they have finally come up with a solution.  This ingenious little peg. It seems only fitting that Riley, the original innovators of the Cush Net, still widely used today, have now joined forces with what could be the the next widely used standard for the game of Hockey.

So what is does this little peg do that makes its so revolutionary?

Well simply put, as we all can agree, the way the game of hockey has changed dramatically over the last two decades. The players are bigger, faster, stronger. Not to mention the goalies have adapted a style of play that relies on the butterfly position, rather than the standing up. What this means is that instead of just blessing the goal posts like a defacto clergyman for making the saves that they missed, they use them as a tool. A tool that helps them slide post to post with quicker and more steady efficiency. As proof look no further than any NHL practice or pregame warm up. Ever noticed those black post covers on the goal? Those are the EdgePro Tech. Specifically designed by goaltenders for goaltenders to help not only protect the paint job on the goal, but to help preserve the goalies skate blades. These protectors have been made mandatory by the NHL for all practices and pregame warm ups. This is how our youth goaltenders are being taught to play. Push off the posts, slide from side to side faster and with more efficiency. This results in more stoppages in game play as the nets are constantly being dislodged by the goal tenders. Unfortunately our Minor Hockey Organisations & municipally run arenas and community centres do not have the resources to invest in a Marsh Peg System like the NHL does. So instead, the makers who brought you the Edge Protech system have designed and introduced the Piranha Peg. A peg that almost mimics that of both its predecessors, the zinc peg & the marsh peg. Strong enough to bite into the ice during regular game play and goalie maneuvers without dislodging, but still  dislodging on impact to prevent injury.

We have taken the liberty of allowing a few City Rep hockey organizations to do some field testing in practice/games, and all answered back with an overwhelmingly positive response. All agreed that the Piranha Peg is awesome!

Here is a few videos that show the Piranha Peg in action!

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