Just In Time For The 2018 ALL STAR GAME!

Its widely known that the NHL has been trying to continuously grow the game of Hockey in the US marketplace for decades now. Placing NHL franchises in non traditional hockey markets like their newest expansion team in Las Vegas Who  is totally “killing it” in their first season. (My inner hockey fanboy is secretly cheering for them…VEGAS vs TORONTO Stanley Cup Finals!  Whoo Hoo!)

What is not widely known is some of the smaller unnoticed things that the NHL and its teams are doing to grow the passion that unites us. Bringing awareness through charity work and many other programs that helps develop and find the newest hockey stars in the making, and its working. (Hello…Auston Matthews….Arizona? A hockey phenom from the desert!?)

If you have read some of my previous blog postings, you might have read about some of the partnerships Riley has developed with some of these teams. Building indoor and outdoor community hockey rinks for all to enjoy. Well this weekend marks the 2018 NHL All Star Break, with lots of festivities leading up to the skills competition on Saturday and the 3 on 3 games on Sunday!

We are pleased to share with you Riley’s newest addition in TAMPA BAY to the NHL’s community rink program! Just in time for the all star break! Complete with a roof enclosure and extra crease markings for tyke age cross ice games!

Here are the Pics!

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