Washington Capitals Complete Four Street Hockey Rink Refurbishments


ARLINGTON, VA – The Washington Capitals announced today the completion of four street hockey rink refurbishments in Virginia and Maryland. ​

Throughout the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, the Capitals used funding from the National Hockey League’s Industry Growth Fund (IGF) to renovate the rinks. $600,000 was awarded to initiatives focusing the growth and ball and street hockey. Another $250,000 was focused on diversity, which the Capitals utilized to launch a district-wide street hockey curriculum across DC Public Schools in 2016. The Capitals contributed an additional $284,000 toward the growth of youth hockey in support of the project.

The Capitals refurbished each rink to make them safer and usable year-round by adding durable Sportcourt flooring branded with the Washington Capitals logo. In addition, the Capitals replaced or repaired other features like flooring, boards, benches, scoreboards and fencing as needed with the help of Riley Manufacturing out of Ontario, Canada.

To further encourage the growth of the game, surrounding schools will be receiving full sets of street hockey equipment in conjunction with the refurbishment.

The Capitals are working with local counties and municipalities to refurbish another 5-7 rinks in Maryland and Virginia during the upcoming 2017-2018 season. 

Courtesy of: www.capstoday/monumentalsportsnetwork.com

Before and After Video


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