For over 40 years, Riley Sports has been at the forefront of innovation and safety in the sports industry.

Family owned and operated, the quality of our products and customer service is Best in Class.

We are a proud industry leader in the manufacturing and sale of Dasher Board Systems, Professional Hockey Goal Frames, Aluminum Rink Dividers for half-ice hockey and more.


Arena Services

Riley Sports offers an extensive selection of Arena Service items. Consider us your ultimate destination for all your needs! Whether you need to replace damaged glass or acrylic, update glass supports and gate hardware, or refresh cladding materials and goal frame netting/padding, we are here to assist you.


Riley Sports, headquartered in Woodstock, Ontario, is a family-owned and operated business.

In 1984, we made a groundbreaking contribution to hockey safety by introducing Megg-Nets, the pioneer system enabling hockey nets to dislodge upon impact.

Simultaneously, we unveiled Cush-Net, a reimagined hockey net design. This innovation replaced the deflector plate with cushions, providing a safer method to prevent the puck from rebounding from the goal.

These cutting-edge products became mandatory in all NHL facilities and later community arenas, reflecting our commitment to advancing safety standards in hockey for everyone.

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