Rink Dividers

rink dividers

The Riley "R-Cross" Rink Divider System

The way the game of hockey is introduced and taught to our youth has continues to evolve over the years. No changes have been as significant as the implementation of "Cross Ice/Half Ice" game play. Introduced as the ADM model in the USA, and more recently the IP Model in Canada. There has been much debate regarding the many possible cross ice solutions that are available on the market today, however there is no better value then that of an aluminum divider system. Easy to set up, store and use, the Riley "R-Cross" Divider System, best mimics that of a complete ice rink. No more temporary foam or pylon type dividers that are constantly being dislodged and stopping game play. Our aluminum divider system helps teach the kids the finer parts of the game with its rigid stability and radius corners. It is the most conducive to that of full ice rink real game play.

Real Time Disassembly and Storage(Video)

As you will see in the video below, the question of how long it takes to set up or tear down the system is proven. It takes 2 Minutes and 38 Seconds!